Help Develop a New Pharma/Device

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Some researchers participate in industry-funded studies or receive grants to undertake the studies.  This can be a “stepping stone” to more independent work or can be a career in itself.  This may be an option if your department already has the resources and experience in doing such studies.

  • Some examples of types of companies that fund such work are the makers of:
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Laboratory equipment
    • Diagnostics
    • Medical Devices
  • If you have an idea that involves the use of a product, sometimes you can propose it to the company that makes it.  Depending on the company, they may be willing to donate the product or even provide funding for personnel.
  • Some investigators use industry funded trials to help pay for personnel or other resources needed for other studies.  These resources can help advance projects from unfunded early stage projects to fully formed grant proposals.