October is Stop the Stigma EM Month

What is #StopTheStigmaEM Month?

What is #StopTheStigmaEM Month?

In the high-pressure field of emergency medicine, physicians often face stress, anxiety, and burnout. Unfortunately, the stigma around seeking mental health care prevents many from getting help, perpetuating untreated issues that harm doctors and patient care. To address this, SAEM designates October as #StopTheStigmaEM Month, bringing together emergency medicine organizations to promote mental health care in emergency medicine. Bookmark this webpage for resources and events and follow us on social media for initiatives that raise awareness and drive policy reforms. Together we can move the needle from a culture of silence and stigma to one of resilience and empowerment.

#StopTheStigmaEM Month Calendar

#StopTheStigmaEM Month Calendar

Week One

Wednesday, October 4, 2-3 PM CT
Mental Health Matters: Normalizing Discussions on Emergency Physician Mental Health and Well-Being 

Join emergency medicine leaders and mental health experts as they explore EM physician well-being, challenges, and seeking help. Let's normalize discussions on mental health in emergency medicine.

Week Two

Tuesday, October 10, 12-1 PM ET
Well-Being Storytelling Hour
Pennsylvania Convention Center 112-AB

At this in-person storytelling event, to be held at the 2023 ACEP Scientific Assembly in Philadelphia, emergency medicine clinicians and trainees will share frontline stories and experiences related to stress, grief, trauma, and more.

Week Three

Wednesday, October 18, 1-2 PM CT
The Power of Vulnerability to Reframe Adversity and Speak Shame

In this virtual National Ground Rounds event, Dr. Dawn Lim, MD, MBA, an assistant professor of medicine at the University of Toronto, will explore the evidence supporting vulnerability and discuss the significance of seeking help, having a support network to combat shame, and nurturing psychologically resilient teams to combat the stigma surrounding physician mental health.

Thursday, October 19, 12-1 PM CT
The Invisible Work of Women in EM and its Impact on Their Mental Health

This panel discussion, hosted by AAEM, Women in Medicine and The Whole Physician, will discuss the unique burdens carried by women in emergency medicine and the impact of those burdens on their mental health.

Week Four

Tuesday, October 24, 3-4 PM CT
How I Stay Well: Stories From Emergency Physicians in Times of Acute Stress

In this “CORD Connects” virtual presentation EM physician panelists will share stories of times of stress — at the bedside, as a program leader, or as a patient or family member — as well as how they stay well despite these challenges.

    Thursday, October 26, 6-7 PM CT

    On-Shift Mental Health Wellness

    This webinar, hosted by SAEM RAMS, aims to empower rotating emergency medicine residents and medical students with essential strategies for safeguarding their mental well-being during shifts. Additionally, it will offer valuable insights into conducting immediate debriefing, commonly known as "defusing," following high-intensity events such as major trauma or pediatric arrests.

    October 22-28
    Inside Out Days


    Show us your Inside-Out! Residents, get creative, get involved, and challenge others to do the same! Let’s see how many we can get to participate in this event! Remember, how you look on the outside may not reflect how you are doing on the inside. Tag your photo on Twitter and Instagram @saemonline and don't forget to use #StopTheStigmaEM and #EMInsideOut.



    Click the link below to download ready-to-use materials to support the “Stop the Stigma EM” Month effort. Use them freely, distribute them broadly, and post them frequently!