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ALiEM Social Media IndexThis is a Social Media Index developed to address problems of quality with various websites.

AMP EM: Academic Medicine Pearls in Emergency Medicine from THE Ohio State University Residency Program

FOAMed posts by the Ohio State EM Residency.
BrownCoat NationEducation Blog from the UIC EM and EM/IM Residency Programs.
Brown EM BlogThe educational blog of the Brown Emergency Medicine Residency program.
CanadiEM BlogCanadiEM aims to improve emergency care in Canada by building an online community of practice for healthcare practitioners and providing them with high quality, freely available educational resources.
CORE EMCore EM is dedicated to bringing Emergency Providers all things core content Emergency Medicine. In the true spirit of Emergency Medicine our content is available to anyone, anywhere, anytime.
Differential Diagnosis of A compilation of cases based on real patients, each inspiring an algorithm for the evaluation and management of their chief complaint or diagnosis. Download the app.
Don't Forget the BubblesA world leading #FOAMed website dedicated to everything involving the care of children.
Dr. Smith's ECG BlogInstructive ECGs in Emergency Medicine Clinical Context
ECG StampedeAn exercise in ECG interpretation and triage, including a mobile application for iOS and Android.
Scott Weingart presents emergency medicine and critical care in outstanding discussions and guest speakers. Links to many other sites included within site
EM DailyWebsite from Cooper University Health Care covering a variety of EM-related topics.
emDocsA great collaboration of cases and discussions that is very deep, wide-ranging, and current
EM FundamentalsEM Fundamentals is a mastery learning emergency medicine curriculum. In addition to curated content, interactive small group resources and simulation-based mastery learning checklists and faculty development tools are available to program leadership by contacting or @EMFundamentals.
Emergency Medicine Journal ClubEmergency Medicine Journal Club emulated by numerous programs and the topic of multiple textbook chapters on how to design a sustainable lifelong learning curricula for EM trainees. The format employs Users Guide to the Medical Literature style critical appraisal of four or more EM-relevant articles per month and is archived back to 2005. In addition, the website includes an evidence based medicine "toolbox" of online resources and, since 2013, an accompanying podcast that can be downloaded from the website or from iTunes each month.
FOAM EMed IndexWiki which brings all the useful FOAMed to the EM Core Curriculum. We are looking for folks to contribute FOAMed links and become curators/editors of specific topics. Wiki format means it is open to all who are interested.
Google Foam
A search engine for FOAMed
GrepmedImage-based, infographic search engine and collaborative database for FOAMed content, making algorithms, checklists, tables, guidelines and clinical images easily accessible.
The Hot Stove League of EM/Tox"Hot Stove" discussion which focuses on EM and Med Tox topics of interest
Life in the Fastlane
A wide-ranging, fun source of free online “meducation”
NUEM BlogResident written, expert reviewed emergency medicine education.
nuMose EM EDThe most difficult transition in medicine occurs at the beginning of the clinical years of medical school and extends through intern year of residency. During this portion of training, the student must effectively rewire their approach to problem-solving. Throughout premedical and pre-clinical medical training, there is an emphasis on the standardized Q&A format. We are instructed to memorize infinite facts in order to sound smart when our attending asks a random esoteric question. In clinical medicine, there are no standardized patients (or questions) where we are confronted with the minimum essential information required to help us obtain the correct diagnosis. In practice, patients may have a limited ability to express their symptomatology, have a difficult physical examination, have a rare presentation of a common disease, etc. Therefore, in clinical medicine an emphasis is placed on developing a systematic approach that will most often result in the correct diagnosis. This approach is especially critical in emergency medicine (EM). In EM, the clinician often deals with the undifferentiated patient and the correct diagnosis may not be evident until days, weeks, or months later. As a result, in the beginning stages of a workup, knowing the correct diagnosis takes a backseat to having a concise and effective initial approach. The goal of this website is to help make these connections. We do this by simplifying complicated topics, with an emphasis on zooming out to focus on the big picture.
Pain Assessment and Management InitiativeA website from College of Medicine-Jacksonville featuring a wealth of content including videos, downloads, and more
Pediatric Emergency Playbook Podcast and WebsiteOpen access website featuring Pediatric Emergency Playbook Podcast
PEM SourcePEM questions, tips & tricks, algorithms, FOAMed links, and more.
R.E.B.E.L. EMR.E.B.E.L. EM stands for Rational Evidence Based Evaluation of Literature in Emergency Medicine, and covers a myriad of topics, primarily focusing on evidence-based clinical topics, ECG cases, and high-yield exam review.
The Short CoatIntegrating encounters in the emergency department and literature through FOAM
SinaiEMFOAMed blog from Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Emergency Medicine Residency.
The Skeptics' Guide to EM (SGEM)A plethora of FOAMed material - including Hot Off the Press, SGEM Xtra, and the SGEM Journal Club - all housed under one umbrella
St. Emlyn's BlogEM-focused blog covering clinical medicine, EBM, and critical appraisal, medical education, and wellness topics.
Staten Island EM PulseA blog from the Staten Island EM residency with educational content by our faculty and residents. Weekly EKG of the Week post Monthly Ultrasound Blog post.
Taming the SRU
Blog by University of Cincinnati Dept. of Emergency Medicine.
Temple EM Residency BlogResident produced content, including journal club reviews, clinical updates, interesting cases and more.
Top 5 FOAM Radiology Resources: ALiEM Chief Resident Incubator Recommendations

FOAM compiled through a collective of more than 180 chief residents from across North America who were asked to share their favorite radiology sources.

TOTAL EMTOTAL EM is a blog and podcast committed to providing total care everywhere with a focus on those who work in rural and/or remote medicine. Topics range from soft skills to critical care but all help make better clinicians.
University of Colorado Hospital, Department of Emergency Medicine, Section of Wilderness and Environmental MedicineThe Section of Wilderness and Environmental Medicine is a university-based enterprise to promote research, best practice, education, and outreach to promote health and wellness in extreme or austere environments. You may also follow this Department on Twitter.
Urgent Matters BlogThis is a great blog that focuses on clinical and policy issues in acute unscheduled care.
WikEM BlogThis is a large open-access emergency medicine reference and contains short articles on thousands of topics, authored and edited by community members in a Wiki format.
5 Min SonoBlog/Podcast/Video