Thomas Morrissey, MD


Tom Morrissey is a PGY-21 resident at UFHealth-Jacksonville. He fell into EM quite by accident while pursuing an MD/PhD (U. Miami) focusing on the role of Schwann cells in supporting spinal cord regeneration. By chance, one day early in his 4th year, he got lost and took a shortcut through the ED. Never looked back. Residency in Jax led to faculty position, Clerkship director, APD, yadayada. It gets in your blood y’know…what’cha gonna do?  

His big interests include helping students prepare for the transition to residency, find the best-fit training program, and helping new interns get their clinical sea legs. 

Notable achievements include holding 67 admitted patients at the same time one day, not following the eSLOE rules very well, drinking more coffee than most of the rest of the department combined, and having the gumption to try to teach a Weimaraner to surf a stand up paddleboard. He hopes to someday get rich sponsoring a line of Hawaiian print scrubs…but he’s not holding his breath.