Linda Davis-Moon, RN, MSN, APRN-BC, ALC


Linda Davis-Moon, RN, MSN, APRN-BC, ALC is a nationally recognized leader in Emergency Medicine. Following completion of her Master's degree, Linde went on to assume a leadership position as Executive Director for Strategic Initiatives in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Thomas Jefferson University. In this role, she collaborated with multiple agencies, including the Robert Wood Foundation, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Urgent Matters and Health Research & Education Trust of the American Hospital Association, to design and engineer operational patient flow toolkit, which served as a platform for improving ED flow. Linda completed a six-month certification program in Authentic Leadership focusing on the application of integrity and transparency in nonprofit leadership and program development. Linda is a Past President of the Academy of Academic Administrators in Emergency Medicine. She has been funded by the Methodist Foundation, Verizon Foundation, the William Penn Foundation, Merck In and the Aventis Inc. Together with a grateful patient, who survived a sudden death, Linda is the Chair of the Grace Humanitarian Award, which i given annually to a recipient who demonstrates extraordinary empathy in the care of communities both nationally and internationally. Linda was the inaugural recipient of this award, In 2017 Linde received the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award given by the Academy of Academic Administrator in Emergency Medicine. Linda completed an Insights in Innovation program in 2015 through IDEOU, a Stanford based program rooted in emerging design models in health. At completion of this program, Linda advanced to co-advise on projects including Drexel University, Jefferson and Philadelphia University and M.I.T. These included testing of smart wearable textiles , community engagement and healing spaces of architecture. Linda brings seemingly disparate perspectives in the new emergence of human-centered heath with a strong focus on the dignity of wellness and resiliency. She refers to this new creative trajectory as. "Constellational Thinking."

Currently, Linda serves on the 2019 Society of Academic Emergency Medicine Planning Committee; Society of Academic Emergency Medicine Wellness Committee and is Chair of the inaugural AAAEM Wellness Committee. In 2018 Linda became a certificated Power Yoga Instructor and is teaching yoga here in Puerto Rico! Admitting to being an insatiable traveler, Linda recently returned from visiting the Galapagos Islands, and now has visited six of the world's continents. Married to Jefferson Moon an architect and artist, they share their passion for art, music, and time with their family in the Adirondack Mountains of New York.