Fernanda Bellolio, MD, MS

Mayo Clinic


I am a professor of emergency medicine with a joint appointment in health sciences research, division of health care policy and research at Mayo Clinic. I have conducted multiple observational and interventional studies. Currently I am the site-principal investigator for several multicenter trials. I have worked on federal, foundation and industry funded studies.

I have a masters in clinical and translational sciences and completed a 3-year post-doctoral program on healthcare delivery dedicated to secondary data analysis (including claims data and knowledge synthesis), research methodology, and evidence-based medicine. I have worked on projects related to improving the care of the older adults that present to the emergency department. Older persons comprise 13% of the US population, but they represent more than 30% of ED visits. Older adults have longer ED stays, as patient’s presentation is often complex. The ED can be a challenging environment for the seniors where communication can be complicated by poor vision, limited hearing, and cognitive impairment. These communication difficulties can be a challenge for patients to be involved in their care. Specifically, healthcare utilization including hospitalizations and return ED visits are higher for persons living with dementia compared to other groups that present to the ED.

If elected I will support the mission, vision and strategy of AGEM.
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