Emma Cortes, DO

SAEM Program Committee Liaison Jefferson Northeast


I am a dual-specialty physician in emergency medicine and family medicine. I work in emergency departments with Indian Health Services in Arizona and South Dakota, and I am currently clinical faculty with Jefferson Northeast in Philadelphia, PA. I am the founder and director of the nonprofit organization the Migrant Health Collaborative of South Jersey, and I am also the co-chair of the AI/AN Committee within GEMA. GEMA has made a significant impact on my career and helped me discover where my true passions lie. I continue to be inspired by the incredible work done around the world in emergency medicine, which has motivated me to pursue a fellowship in global emergency medicine. I will begin as a fellow next summer with Brown University. My goal is to ensure GEMA continues to be a source of education, collaboration, and support for all of those in global emergency medicine whether you’re a student or an experienced clinician or researcher. I will work hard to ensure that the annual meeting is an experience that fosters new ideas, insightful discussions, and connections that help advance this field. As new challenges develop in global health, GEMA must continue to listen to and support the voices of all of its members in order to be a catalyst for positive change. I am running for this position because I strive to help GEMA keep these principles true in its mission to promote emergency medicine worldwide.