Aditi Joshi, MD, Msc


Dr. Aditi U. Joshi is an experienced Emergency Medicine Physician and Telehealth expert working on improving healthcare and equity through technology. Through over 7 years of working in Telemedicine and digital health on both a startup and academic hospital, she has a keen interest in making technology palatable and effective for both patients, providers, and health care systems. Her position at TJUH is multi-faceted in Telehealth and tele-intake: working in operations, quality assurance, provider training, resident and medical education and implementing new programs and use cases for Telehealth. She runs a Telehealth fellowship aimed at training future physicians interested in leading virtual care.

She is also co-director of the Digital Health Scholarly Inquiry Track at Sidney Kimmel Medical College teaching both medical students and residents about telemedicine, digital health and health innovation with both practical and research components, helping to hone how the future physicians think about how technology will change medical practice.

Nationally, she serves at the Chair-Elect for the Telehealth committee of the American College of Emergency Physicians, helping expand the role of Telehealth within the specialty. She is part of ATA's research review committee, and UMMC's tel-emergency summit. She regularly contributes articles on issues of merging provider and patient needs to digital health and innovation. She speaks on the future of health, consults with startups, and works on strategizing how to bridge the gap between the two worlds.