Tony Seupaul, MD, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences College of Medicine

Moderated by: Vytas Karalius, MD, MPH, MA, Northwestern Medicine

What you’ll learn from Dr. Seupaul:

  • In addition to your role as chair, I noticed that you are also the chief clinical officer for the UAMS medical center. What are some of the challenges of holding a senior leadership role in an academic institution?
  • What do you feel are the benefits to holding such a role?
  • Were you always interested in a career in administration?
  • What led you down this career path?
  • What advice do you have for residents interested in administration?
  • What can they do to position themselves to start down this path?
  • You have focused part of your academic career on evidence-based medicine (EBM) education, and you have taught such courses at McMaster University as well as the New York College of Medicine and Oxford University. How did you develop this interest, and how have you used it to further the practice of emergency medicine as a whole?
  • You received the Indiana University Trustee Teaching Award in 2005 and was named Teacher of the Year in the Department of Emergency Medicine in 2008 and 2011. What advice do you have for medical students/residents as they transition from the exclusively-learner role, to the teaching role?
  • How do you balance these educational interests, your role as chair, and your other leadership roles in your institution?
  • How do you achieve work life balance with these roles?
  • Do you have any other advice or wisdom for our listeners?