Stephanie Kayden, MD, MPH, Vice Chair & Division Chief, International Emergency Medicine, Brigham and Women's Hospital/Harvard Medical School

Moderator: John Wooten, EMT-P, Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University

SAEM Academy: SAEM Global Emergency Medicine Academy (GEMA)

What you will learn from Dr. Kayden:

  • For medical students and EM residents interested in global emergency medicine, can you give us a brief overview of the SAEM Global Emergency Medicine Academy?
  • What are some of GEMA's active projects?
  • What type of challenges are involved in developing sustainable EM initiatives abroad?
  • Does GEMA offer educational resources for students and residents to learn more about the unique challenges of global EM?
  • What roles are available for medical students and EM residents who wish to be involved with GEMA?
  • Lastly, many pre-med students' interest in global medicine was inspired by Tracy Kidder's book "Mountains Beyond Mountains" about Paul Farmer's work in Haiti. Do you have any other book recommendations pertaining to global medicine?