Robert McNamara, MD, Lewis Katz School of Medicine, Temple University

Moderated by: Amanda Ventura, MD, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

What you'll learn from Dr. Robert McNamara:

What is the single biggest change that you have seen in the field of Emergency Medicine over the course of your career?
Where do you think medical education in EM is headed? What should residents and students be most excited about? What should we be most anxious about?
What do you think is the biggest challenge in delivering Emergency Medicine care today?
You’ve been very involved at both the institutional level at Temple and the national level with AAEM and other professional organizations. What advice do you have for residents and medical students trying to break out on the national scene?
From David Chu (MS3 Medical Student from Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine): What can we do to extend our careers as EM physicians and delay burnout/early retirement age?
Is there any other leadership advice that you’d like to offer our listeners?