Neils K. Rathlev, MD, FACEP, Chair, Department of Emergency Medicine, Professor of Emergency Medicine, University of Massachusetts Medical School-Baystate

Moderated by: Amanda Ventura, MD, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

What you'll learn from Dr. Neils K. Rathlev:

Could you describe how you first become a Department Chair? Was it a lifelong dream, or something that happened by accident
What were some of the major stepping stones in your path to becoming a leader in EM?
What were some of the most difficult decisions you had to make in your career?
What is your best advice for a medical student or resident who wants to pursue a career in administration and succeed?
As an operations expert, what are your thoughts on the tension between optimizing ED throughput and carving out time for resident education at academic institutions? How do you balance taking the time to teach at the bedside, and picking up the next patient as quickly as possible to optimize metrics like “Door-to-Doc” time?
Is there any other advice you would like to give our resident and student listeners?