Michael J. VanRooyen, MD, MPH, Brigham & Womens Hospital/Harvard Medical School

Moderated by: Vytas Karalius, MD, MPH, MA, Northwestern Medicine

What you’ll learn from Dr. Vanrooyen:

  • You are the director of the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative. What are some of the joys and challenges of this role? What do you see as the role of emergency medicine in humanitarianism and global health?
  • You have traveled to some fascinating places. What were your most memorable destinations? How were you able to accomplish this travel while balancing your career at home in the US?
  • You have also participated in disaster response in the US including Hurricane Katrina and the World Trade Center. How did these experiences differ from international aid work? In what ways were they the same?
  • What advice do you have for residents hoping to find a job in emergency medicine that allows both practice in the US and abroad?
  • What insight has your work in disaster medicine and international humanitarian assistance given you about the COVID-19 pandemic ongoing today?
  • You serve as a policy advisor for the WHO and the UN. How does developing international policy differ from practice in the US in a resource rich environment? How do you balance this role with your responsibilities at your home institution?
  • Do you have any other advice or wisdom for our listeners?