Jay Schuur, MD, MHS, Brown School of Medicine

Moderated by: Amanda Ventura, MD, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

What you’ll learn from Dr. Schuur:

Congratulations on your appointment as chair at Brown. What has been the biggest adjustment in your new role and at a new institution since transitioning over from Brigham and Womens a few months ago?
What are the biggest challenges that you anticipate personally in your role and more globally as a chair/faculty in emergency medicine?
You pursued further education after residency in several ways including a masters in health sciences as a Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholar and a certificate of executive leadership from Harvard Business School. How did these experiences help you rise through the ranks to chairman?
I noticed that you won an award for faculty mentorship during your time at Brigham and Womens. What have you found to be the keys to productive mentoring relationships? What would you recommend to residents or even young faculty seeking out mentorship?
Do you have any other advice for our medical student and resident listeners?