James R. Miner, MD, Hennepin County Medical Center

Moderated by: Vytas Karalius, MD, MPH, MA, Northwestern Medicine

What you’ll learn from Dr. Miner:

You were the research director for the University of Minnesota Department of Emergency Medicine. What do you feel are the biggest challenges to research in emergency medicine as well as medicine in general?
You’ve done extensive research in pain and sedation. How did you develop an interest in this field? Has the current opiate epidemic affected your research?
How do you balance a career in research with your administrative duties as chair? What advice do you have regarding balancing professional responsibilities?
What do you see as the biggest challenges facing Emergency Medicine? How do we turn these into successes?
How can residents and young faculty position themselves to rise into leadership as their career progresses?
Do you have any other advice or wisdom for our listeners?