Impact of Implementation of High-Sensitivity Cardiac Troponin on Emergency Department Length of Stay and Hospital Admissions

  • James S. Ford, MD

  • Ernestine Chaco, MS, JD

  • Daniel J. Tancredi, PhD

  • Mumma 01 - Bryn Mumma

    Bryn Mumma


    University of California, Davis

    SAEM has been essential to my own career development, and I would be honored to give back to this organization by serving on the Board of Directors. Emergency Medicine is at a crossroads, as we emerge from the COVID pandemic, face unprecedented clinical volumes, address the recent workforce study findings, educate the next generation of Emergency Medicine physicians, expand into new clinical areas, and drive research that will advance care for our patients. The next SAEM Board of Directors will be influential in shaping our response to these challenges.

    I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and the University of Pittsburgh Affiliated Residency Program. I continued my training with a Research Fellowship at UC Davis, where I also earned my M.A.S. degree in Clinical Research, prior to joining the faculty there.

    I have been an active SAEM since I was a medical student, and I currently chair two important SAEM committees: the Bylaws Committee and the Grants Committee. On the Bylaws Committee, I have developed a deep understanding of the guiding principles of the organization and commitment required from Board members. As Chair of the Grants Committee, I have also served on the SAEM Foundation Board of Trustees and gained and appreciation for the close relationship between SAEM and the SAEM Foundation. I have also seen firsthand the way in which SAEM has invested in and launched the careers of many junior researchers. My commitment to the organization is further evidenced by my participation as faculty for the Grant Writing Workshop, Research Learning Series, and ARMED Course.

    If elected to the Board of Directors, I will engage with my colleagues to advance the SAEM mission and initiatives. First, I will expand national opportunities for collaboration and mentoring to support current and emerging Emergency Medicine researchers and educators. These opportunities are crucial to SAEM achieving its vision of being “the premier organization for developing and supporting academic leaders and shaping the future science, education, and practice of emergency and acute care.” To achieve and maintain this position, SAEM must continue to grow and innovate its programs. Virtual events allow us to harness the energy of the in-person annual meeting and foster connection among SAEM members year-round. Bringing together teams of researchers with the goal of building on existing NIH studies and submitting new applications will increase funding to answer critical research questions in Emergency Medicine.

    Second, I will build on SAEM’s progress in increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in academic Emergency Medicine. I am in formal leadership positions involving diversity efforts in my own department as the Chair of our DEI Research Subcommittee and a member of our DEI Executive Committee. A portion of my research portfolio is dedicated to studying health disparities that affect both women and under-represented racial and ethnic minorities, and the majority of my mentees are women and under-represented minorities. I will bring these voices, experiences, and perspectives to the SAEM Board of Directors.

    Finally, I will advance SAEM’s initiatives to support EM physician wellness and mental health. COVID brought these smoldering issues to the forefront in a new way, and we have an opportunity to change the conversation around wellness and mental health in a way that benefits not only current but also future EM physicians. As the co-chair of our regional Women in Emergency Medicine Retreat focused on wellness, I developed programming to address imposter syndrome, work-life integration, negotiation, and self-compassion. Discussing these aspects of wellness that disproportionately affect women and under-represented minorities and supporting EM physicians in identifying and addressing mental health needs will allow EM physicians to thrive in their careers.
    I would be honored to serve as a member of the Board of Directors of SAEM and appreciate your support.