CDEM Faculty Podcast Episode 9: The Disinterested Student

Hi everyone! You are in luck. Two episodes in one week. The January episode was a little delayed because I switched the podcast over to Libsyn. There may be a couple of bugs I still have to work out in importing the old episodes, but I wanted to get the new content out to everyone. So, if you all remember a couple months ago I sent a message out asking for volunteers to come on the podcast and talk about a topic that interests them. A couple of brave souls volunteered. And so the next couple of podcast will be interviews and discussions with those folks. To start us off is Dr. Page Bridges. She is the assistant clerkship director at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine Greenville. And she wanted to talk about how to engage the disinterested student. We talked about why the emergency medicine clerkship is important and how to get buy in from the students who are pursuing a different specialty for residency. I had a really great time talking with Page. And if you enjoyed hearing her on the podcast, I have great news for you. I think I have convinced her to become a regular on the show.