Dr. Peter Rosen Memorial Keynote Proposals

Dr. Peter Rosen Memorial Keynote Closed

Dr. Peter Rosen, a founding father of emergency medicine, passed away in 2019 and is widely recognized for his many contributions to academic emergency medicine. The Dr. Peter Rosen Memorial Keynote Address is intended to memorialize Dr. Rosen’s life and legacy in perpetuity and gratitude for helping craft the emergency medicine specialty into what it is today. Held on the official opening day of the Annual Meeting, this opening keynote session is the largest gathering of the annual meeting, which in 2022 drew more than 3,500 attendees.

Speaker Benefits

  • Round-trip airfare

  • Hotel accommodations with VIP in room amenities

  • Full, complimentary SAEM23 registration

  • Recognition in the digital program

  • Onsite interviews and promotion in pre-event press releases

Proposal Tips

A successful keynote presentation will ideally accomplish some of the following: 


  • Acknowledge the diversity of scholarly activity in academic emergency medicine (not just education OR just research, but both);

  • Be inspiring and of broad interest to our diverse membership at various stages of their careers;

  • Cover topics of current interest to academic emergency physicians (autobiographical narratives are not ideal, but may be considered if they meet other criteria);

  • Include historical aspects of academic emergency medicine, but point to future opportunities and/or challenges; and/or

  • Describe ways our scholarly activities impact patient care-through knowledge creation and translation.

Qualities of well-versed keynote speakers include: 

  • Highly-regarded oratory and presentation skills

  • Content expertise

  • Ability to engage an audience

  • Creativity and innovation

  • Strong use of visuals or audio aids

  • Openness for discussion and sharing personal experiences


40 minute presentation, immediately preceding the plenary session on Wednesday, May 17, 2023

How to Apply

To submit a proposal, please provide the following information:

  • Title of proposed keynote address

  • Summary (200–300 words) of the proposed keynote address

  • Outline of the proposed keynote address

  • Current CV, including all previous speaking engagements/presentations

  • List of any anticipated audio and visual aid requirements

  • Video example of prior speaking engagement (file or link to speech)

Please email your proposal and information to Holly Byrd-Duncan

Please note "Keynote Speaker" in the subject line.  Deadline for submission of keynote proposals is November 1, 2022. The SAEM23 Program Committee's decision will be announced at the beginning of December.

Event Information

May 17, 2023