Faculty Salaries and Work Life in Emergency Medicine

The Annual Emergency Medicine Benchmark Survey conducted by the Academy of Administrators in Academic Emergency Medicine (AAAEM) in conjunction with the Academic Chairs of Emergency Medicine (AACEM) provides valuable information regarding the state of academic departments of emergency medicine throughout the country. This data sets the benchmark standards for salaries, departmental clinical operations, research and educational activities for academic emergency medicine practices and operations. This session will present information gathered from the current survey: Fiscal Year 2019 data. The purpose of the session is to examine the benchmarking data as it relates to factors that impact emergency medicine faculty members throughout the country. A panel will discuss topics that impact emergency medicine faculty and faculty operations including: 1.) faculty compensation and benefits; 2.) the faculty administrative position; 3.) faculty productivity; 4.) ancillary personnel, residents and APPs; 5.) billing

(AAAEM and AACEM Sponsored)

All times are in Central Time


Learning Objectives
  • Describe the trend in AEM faculty salaries
  • List the variables in typical physician compensation plans
  • Describe the typical distribution of faculty duties (clinical, educational, research, administrative)

Event Information

May 13, 2021 2:30 PM to 2:50 PM (Central Daylight Time)