RAMS Innovative Educator Award

It is vital to have educators that are dedicated to being innovative in emergency medicine. Innovation requires creativity and courage, while education requires a strong knowledge base and a sense of responsibility for learners' needs.


  1. Please provide a detailed example of how you combined both the qualities of an innovator and educator into one to better serve those learning from you. (Word limit: 500 words)
  2. Describe your greatest accomplishment in medical education and why it was significant, or Describe your most innovative medical education endeavor and why it was significant (Word limit: 500 words)


Nominations may be submitted by any SAEM member. Nominations should include a copy of the candidate's CV and a cover letter describing his or her qualifications. Each completed application must include the following:

  • Nominee information
  • Nominee’s CV
  • An essay addressing each of the two prompts above
  • Letter of recommendation from faculty mentor, residency program director, or department chair
  • A color photo of nominee (.jpg 300 DPI high resolution)
  • Person nominating award candidate (include mailing address, phone and fax numbers and email address)
  • Contact information of department administrator or media persons that should be notified if the award is received.


  • Leonardo Aliaga, MD

    Chief Resident Physician

    UC Davis Health



Nominations Now Closed