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March 24, 2021
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm CT

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Overview of Lessons Learned and Opportunities to Engage in Climate and Health Research and Scholarship with Emergency Medicine and Public Health partners in low and middle-income countries 



Alison Hayward, MD, MPH

Dr. Alison Hayward MD, MPH is an Assistant Professor in the divisions of Education and Global Health in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Brown University. Dr. Hayward served as co-founder, director, and now helps to oversee the executive board for the Uganda Village Project in rural eastern Uganda for over 15 years, which focuses on community public health education and programs. She serves as communications director for the Rhode Island ACEP Climate Change and Health committee, and the leader for the Rhode Island Hospital ED Green Team.

Picture2Kate Moretti, MD, MS

Dr. Kate Moretti is an Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at Brown University. Dr. Moretti has worked on the integration of refugees into the U.S. medical system. More recently, she has focused on access to emergency care in post-conflict Colombia and environmental sustainability in healthcare with emphasis on advancing the health of vulnerable populations. 


Corey Bills, MD, MPH

Dr. Corey Bills is an Assistant Professor at the University of Colorado in the Department of Emergency Medicine and the Global Health Fellowship Director. Dr. Bills’ current global health work focuses on methods of assessing quality in the development of acute care referral and prehospital systems in resource-limited settings, with particular focus in Liberia, Uganda, and India.




Caitlin Rublee, MD, MPH