Issue Three 2023 Editor's Pick

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Recruitment Season Is Just Around the Corner: Words of Wisdom from URM “Actions Speak Louder than Words” 


I have chosen an original contribution written by Dr. Michelle Suh, et al. entitled “I’d rather see action”: Application and recruitment experiences of underrepresented in emergency medicine (URM) trainees from Volume 3 of Academic Emergency Medicine Education and Training as my editor’s pick. The authors of this manuscript share their findings from a qualitative study of underrepresented racial and ethnic trainees in emergency medicine. This study describes the results of 10 URM resident interviews and the residents' perspectives on residency recruitment of URM trainees. Three themes emerged from the interviews:  authenticity, minority representation in the residency program, and desire to be recognized as a learner first. 

It is not surprising that underrepresented residents’ assessment of individual residency programs authentic commitment toward diversity and inclusion would weigh in on their decision whether to pursue a particular program. As described in this study, actions speak louder than words during the recruitment process. True diversity warrants a critical mass in the training environment not simply a “token(s)” URM in the program. The final theme identified in this article was that the URM in the study wanted to be recognized as learners first and foremost and not feel the burden of minority tax. Minority or cultural tax is the additional responsibilities placed on minorities for achieving diversity efforts. 

I encourage you to take a few minutes to read this article and enlightening quotes from the study participants and reflect on the ways you can improve the diversity and belonging environment in your department. 



Susan B. Promes, MD, MBA