2022 Outstanding Reviewers

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Academic Emergency Medicine (AEM) Editor-in-Chief Jeffery A. Kline, MD, has named the following individuals as the AEM Outstanding Peer Reviewers for 2022. These exceptional peer reviewers are essential to presenting the high-quality academic contributions that fill the pages of AEM each month.



Outstanding Reviewer 2018-2022


Jill Stoltzfus, PhD, has met all the criteria for outstanding reviewer for the past five years in a row.


Outstanding Reviewers 2022

Beau Abar, PhD

Joshua Broder, MD

Laura Burke, MD, MPH

Jon Cole, MD

Daniel Courtney, MD

Brian Driver, MD

Robert Ehrman, MD, MS

Ross Fleischman, MD

Daniel Good, MD

William Grant, MD

Jeffrey Hom, MD

Benton Hunter, MD

Joshua Lupton, MD, MPH

William Meurer, MD, MS

Andrew Moore, MD

Sergey Motov, MD

Paul Musey, MD

Joseph Pare, MD

Jesse Pines, MD

Maria Raven, MD, MPH

Richard Sinert, DO

Jill Stoltzfus, PhD

Henry Thode, PhD