Tiffany Mitchell, MD

Member-at-Large Mount Sinai School of Medicine


I served in several roles on a number of ADIEM and SAEM committees. Most notably I served as head of the ADIEM Social Media and Publications subcommittee since 2018 and I'm currently head of the Needs Assessment subcommittee under the SAEM Equity and Inclusion Task Force. Additionally I worked closely with committee leaders to host a number of events including this year's ADIEM/AWAEM Virtual Luncheon at SAEM21 as well as last year's ADIEM Town Hall panel discussion in the wake of a national reckoning with race that came to a head last summer. I am interested in joining the ADIEM Executive Committee in order to take a more active role in the administrative duties of ADIEM and foster meaningful relationships with ADIEM and SAEM leadership.
TM_headshot1 - Tiffany Mitchell