Thomas E. Terndrup, MD


Dr. Terndrup is an Emergency Medicine specialist with over 36 years of clinical, educational, administrative, and research experience in the provision of emergency medical care, with venues ranging from remote rural, to suburban community, and large urban and academic hospital facilities. Starting as an ED director fresh out of a rotating internship serving as a US Public Health Service officer at Lee County Community Hospital with one physician partner, he expanded the strictly after hours practice from a single room “ER” to a 6 bed ED with 24/7 coverage, prior to going back to EM residency training 3 years later. Following residency, he completed a fellowship in pediatric EM, and stayed on as the director of the SUNY Syracuse Children’s ER, prior to becoming interim chair and then leaving for the founding chair position in Birmingham, Alabama, at the University of Alabama at Birmingham in 1999. During his time at UAB, he developed an interest in emergency preparedness and assisted in the development of a foundation course for multiple disciplines at the former Fort McClellan Hospital outside Anniston, Alabama. He founded a multidisciplinary research and service entity, the Center for Emerging Infections and Disaster Preparedness (CEIEP) in order to address issues associated with emerging infections and disaster preparedness. Subsequently, as Associate Dean for Clinical Research, he received support from the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response and created a multi-county network of 17 hospitals in south central Pennsylvania while at Penn State. This PA network will serve as the basis for providing some answers to preparing your hospital/ED for a pandemic influenza outbreak.