Stephen J. Wolf, MD

Member-at-Large Denver Health Medical Center


It would be an honor to represent you as a Member-at-Large on the AACEM Board of Directors. For the past 5 years, I have served as Director of Service for Emergency Medicine at Denver Health while being significantly involved in our Academy. Currently, I have the honor of co-directing our SAEM/AACEM Emerging Leaders Development (eLEAD) Program and leading our AACEM Leadership Development Working Group.

My background is one that prioritizes service and commitment to our patients, learners, providers, and specialty. I am passionate about developing and aligning effective individuals, teams, and communities, to multiply their impact and achieve outcomes. Each of my past and current roles have helped me to develop my own skills to this end. In addition to those mentioned above, I have served locally as a Program Director, Director of Education, Assistant then Associate Dean of UME, Vice Chair of Academic Affairs, and an appointed member on our hospital board’s finance and academic committees. Nationally, I have served as an ACEP state chapter president, chair of CORD’s Academy for Scholarship, and Chair of ACEP’s Clinical Policy Committee. Additionally, I continue to serve as an ABEM oral certification examiner and a member of ABEM’s Key Advanced Practice Committee.

As each of you know, AACEM is a remarkable community with profound commitment to supporting and developing, not only our academic departments, but also our specialty as a whole. We are unique in the power of our voice; AND we must use that voice to have influence and impact in the areas that matter most to our learners, faculty, and departments, particularly as they shape the future of Emergency Medicine. Our learners must feel drawn to an inclusive and vibrant specialty; our faculty must have wellness, safety, and developmental opportunities; and our departments must be equipped with the resources needed to address challenges and have significant impact both within our institutions and communities.

If elected, I would apply my passion and skills to continue the incredible work our Academy has been doing to date, with particular focus on strengthening our internal developmental opportunities and amplifying our external impact, using our collective influence. I see these two areas as closely related as growing our members will strengthen our voice.

Again, it would be an honor to serve our Academy in the role of Member-at-Large on the BOD.