Jason Rotoli, MD

Secretary-Treasurer University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry


"I am an assistant professor and associate residency program director in the department of emergency medicine at the University of Rochester. I have been interested in diversity and inclusion for several years in the realm of advocating for the deaf ASL user and others who require accommodations, leading me to join ADIEM several years ago. Inspired by leadership in ADIEM, I created the Accommodations Committee to partner with others with similar interests. Together, we have created educational training sessions and publications to disseminate information about a marginalized group. With the experience and knowledge gained through networking and my own self growth/education, I have been able to advocate for a marginalized group locally, regionally, and nationally through workshops (multiple national grand rounds), publications, and didactic sessions (SAME 2019-2021). I was also in charge of planning the pre-conference ADIEM session for the 2020-21 national conference. I am currently a member-at-large (2021-2022) and was previously a general member.

I am running for office out of desire for continued support of an organization with an incredible mission: to advocate for those who cannot advocate for themselves. I have a track record of being well organized and am facile with technology. I will be able to keep track of clear and concise meeting notes, goals/objectives of the meeting, and the trajectory of our group. I also have some previous treasurer role experience as the treasurer of a collegiate extracurricular group where I transitioned our group from paper tracking to a clear and easy-to-follow excel format. I look forward tp contributing to the group in any way I can to support our mission."

Dr. Rotoli is the Assistant Residency Director of the Emergency Medicine residency at the University of Rochester. Through local and national experiential didactics, simulation, and formal assessment, he seeks to improve provider cultural awareness by increasing awareness of the needs of vulnerable populations (especially the culturally Deaf community). Recently, Dr. Rotoli has become the Director of the Deaf Health Pathways, a medical student elective at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry. Through this role, he hopes to have a positive influence on students early in their careers in caring for Deaf ASL users, who are a linguistic and cultural minority. He hopes to continue to improve Deaf patient health care delivery and medical knowledge through providing direct access and communication to an ASL fluent physician while working clinically in the emergency department at Strong Memorial Hospital.
rotoli, jason

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