Richard E. Wolfe, MD, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Moderated by: Amanda Ventura, MD, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

What you'll learn from Dr. Richard E. Wolfe:

What is the single biggest change that you have seen in the field of Emergency Medicine over the course of your career?
What educational challenges do you foresee in Emergency Medicine and the “House of Medicine” in general?
(From Shana Zucker, MS2 Medical Student from Tulane University School of Medicine): If a resident or student wants to succeed in EM research, what qualities should they look for in their training program? What sort of institutional support do you think is necessary for successful research and mentorship for trainees?
As a Department Chair, what qualities do you look for when hiring teaching versus research faculty? Do you always look for the “triple threat” who can do everything, or do you feel it’s important to focus on a particular niche?
Is there any other advice you would like to give our resident and student listeners?