Deb Diercks, MD, UT Southwestern Medical Center

Moderated by: Chad Mayer, MD, The Ohio State University

What you'll learn from Dr. Diercks:

You trained at the University of Cincinnati, which is one of several residency programs known for producing a larger than average number of future chairs. Do you think you always wanted to be chair and thus chose a program like Cincinnati, or do you think it was the program that pushed you in that direction or some combination of both?
How do you feel your first job out of residency prepared you for where you are now?
Your particular research interest is in the early management of acute coronary syndrome and the intersection of gender along with cardiac biomarkers. How do you think this research has influenced your career as chair and vice versa?
What advice do you have for women who may struggle to find their footing in an ever changing, though largely still male dominated emergency medicine administrative world?
Do you think advanced degrees such as MBA or in your case a master’s in public health from Harvard are crucial to a career as chair? If not (or if so), how do you feel your master’s degree has helped your career?