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Senior Faculty Research Highlights - Session 1of 2

In this session, senior investigators in emergency medicine will have 20 minutes to present on the topic of their choosing: anything from the reason they chose their line of investigation to career transitions, from lessons learned and pitfalls to a late-breaking result they would like to share. This will be followed by a breakout session with attendees and informal networking in the second hour.

Question and Answer Forum with Breakout Session - Session 2 of 2

In this forum, senior investigators in emergency medicine will be available for informal conversations about research, research methods and career advice. The goal of this session is to allow attendees to interact with senior investigators.

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 Session 1 Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss the most current research results a group of senior investigators
  • Discuss the topic areas of interest of these senior investigators
  • Describe the career paths of these senior investigators

 Session 2 Learning Objectives:

  • Interact with senior investigators
  • Participate in informal mentorship from senior investigators
  • Develop networking relationships among other conference attendees

Event Information

May 12, 2021 2:00 PM to 3:50 PM (Central Daylight Time)

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