Marcus L. Martin Leadership in Diversity and Inclusion Award

SAEM seeks nominations for the Marcus L. Martin Leadership in Diversity and Inclusion Award. This award honors a SAEM member who has made exceptional contributions to advancing diversity and inclusion in emergency medicine through leadership – locally, regionally, nationally or internationally – with priority given to those with demonstrated leadership within SAEM.

Diversity is the range of human differences, including but not limited to race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, social class, physical ability or attributes, religious or ethical values system, national origin, and political beliefs.

Inclusion is the achievement of a work environment in which all individuals are treated fairly and respectfully, have equal access to opportunities and resources, and can contribute fully to the organization's success.

The Awards Committee wishes to consider as many exceptional candidates as possible. The committee is committed to an inclusive process of granting awards, reflecting the full spectrum of diversity of our membership. We encourage you to nominate a diverse pool of candidates for all SAEM awards.



Nominee must be a SAEM member. Previous awardees are ineligible. Candidates are evaluated on their contributions and leadership in advancing diversity and inclusion in emergency medicine including (but not limited to) those related to:

  • Development of educational programs to improve medical care for diverse patient populations and/or reduce health disparities
  • Performance of research to improve medical care for diverse patient populations and/or reduce health disparities
  • Participation and leadership in organizational efforts to improve medical care for diverse patient populations at the local, regional, national or international levels
  • Promotion and attainment of diversity within emergency medicine residency and fellowship programs
  • Mentorship and promotion of the academic advancement of minority faculty in emergency medicine
  • Promotion and advancement of diversity and inclusion outside the field of emergency medicine


Nominations may be submitted by any SAEM member. Nominations should include a copy of the candidate's CV and a cover letter describing his or her qualifications. Each completed application must include the following:

  • A current CV of the candidate
  • A brief (1- 2 paragraph) biographical summary
  • A cover letter by the nominator addressing the above areas and the impact on diversity and inclusion in emergency medicine (limited to 2 pages)
  • While not mandatory, a maximum of 2 additional support letters may be submitted (each limited to 2 pages).
  • A color photo of nominee (.jpg 300 DPI high resolution)
  • Person nominating award candidate (include mailing address, phone and fax numbers and email address)
  • Contact information of department administrator or media persons that should be notified if the award is received.


  • Iris Reyes, MD


    Department of Emergency Medicine, Perelman School of Medicine University of Pennsylvania

    Iris Reyes, MD, FACEP is a Professor of Clinical Emergency at the Perelman School of Medicine (PSOM) at the University of Pennsylvania. She has served as an Attending Physician in the Emergency Department at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania since completing her fellowship in 1989. Dr. Reyes has served as an Advisory Dean for the PSOM Office of Student Affairs, an Ombudsman, a member of the Admissions Committee at Penn Med, and as a faculty preceptor for the Medical Spanish Elective and the Latino Medical Student Association. Dr. Reyes developed and has precepted the Minority Mentoring Seminar Series (aka “Cracking the Clerkships”) designed to provide mentoring resources for medical students from backgrounds under-represented in Medicine for over 20 years. Her longstanding interest in the impact of cultural diversity on healthcare delivery led to her co- development of a mandatory course for first year medical students at Penn Med. The course was absorbed into the broader “Doctoring Course” and continues to address issues such as racism in Medicine, spirituality in healthcare, and the proper use of interpreters for patients with limited English proficiency. Dr. Reyes’s passion for improving diversity in Medicine and the need to improve the pipeline and support of under-represented minority residents and faculty led to her founding of the UPHS-CHOP Alliance of Minority Physicians (AMP) in 2012. AMP promotes the recruitment, retention, mentoring and the overall success of minority residents and fellows training in the University of Pennsylvania Health System and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. AMP’s efforts have led to a near doubling of the minority residents, fellows and faculty at Penn Medicine and CHOP. It has also promoted an expansion of Visiting clerkship programs for minority medical students from 1 to 15 participating residency programs. This year, AMP faculty members led the charge to demand the elimination of institutional racism at our health systems.


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