2024 SAEMF Research Training Grant - $300,000

"Comprehensive Emergency Department-based Social Needs Screening"

Addressing the social needs of patients to facilitate more holistic care and effective use of resources is a critical public health priority. Emergency Department (ED) visits are often missed opportunities for intervention. This project strategically addresses the need for a method of comprehensive screening for social needs among ED patients across a variety of settings. This project will develop a workflow that optimizes opportunities for screening, reducing bias, and ultimately allowing staff to focus on interventions for those in need. Such a flexible tool could be integrated into a variety of settings and allow EDs to objectively assess the social needs of their patients and target interventions appropriately on individual and population levels.


  • Evangelia Murray, MD

    Denver Health

    "Comprehensive Emergency Department-based Social Needs Screening"

    Dr. Murray is a clinical research fellow in the department of emergency medicine at Denver Health and the University of Colorado. After completion of her bachelor’s degree at Tufts University, she received her medical degree at the University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School. Dr. Murray completed her emergency medicine residency at Denver Health. She will complete her Clinical Research Fellowship at Denver Health and Master of Public Health at the Colorado School of Public Health in the Spring of 2024. She will use the SAEMF Research Training Grant to evaluate the implementation of an ED-based digital self-administered social needs screening tool workflow that optimizes opportunity for screening, reduces bias, and ultimately allows staff to focus on interventions for those in need.