It's Time for the 2024 Vice Chairs Challenge!

SAEMF’s Vice Chairs’ Challenge will showcase the generous giving that comes from our vice chairs each year and serve as a rallying call to unite vice chairs in support of more funding for future EM researchers and educators

Become a Vice Chairs’ Challenge donor...
Donate or email Julie at to pledge support


Donate or pledge a gift of $250 by August 31, 2024 and be recognized:

  • Help your Vice Chairs Interest Group win a wine celebration at SAEM25, if the Interest Group wins the 2024 SAEMF Challenge!

  • With your name on the big screen during the AACEM/AAAEM Annual Retreat

  • With the opportunity to network with grantees and leaders at the

  • SAEMF’s Coffee & Networking session at SAEM24

  • With your name in lights on the electronic donor wall at SAEM24

2024 Vice Chairs Challenge Donor Impact

Thanks for considering a donation today!

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