Time to turn the Chairs' Challenge map green2024 Chairs' Challenge Map

Donate online by March 20, 2024* or email jwolfe@saem.org to pledge now to move your state up to green!

  • DonateEach year the academic chairs of EM show their collective support for emergency care research and training by donating to SAEMF. This year, we aim to raise $155,000 through the Chairs’ Challenge.
  • Your giving helps to support more and larger SAEMF grants. Many of these go to your own departments' researchers and educators. And, for every $1 donated to SAEMF through this Challenge, a subsequent $3 is obtained in federal funding.
  • We hope 2024 will be the year that we see 100% participation from AACEM Chairs in each state making 2024 the year the map “goes green.”
  • Share this web page with your state's Chairs and encourage them to join you in supporting so that yours is one of the first to go green! Email jwolfe@saem.org for a list of Chairs in your state.
  • Not sure you donated yet? Check the 2024 Chairs' Challenge Donor List!

*The Chairs' Challenge fundraising will take place during the 2024 AACEM/AAAEM Annual Retreat. Since many Chairs choose to participate early, donations and pledges received between January 1 and March 20, 2024 will count towards new funds raised in this year's Challenge! If you have a multi-year pledge with installments to be paid in this year -- thank you -- you are already a Challenge donor for 2024!

Chairs’ Challenge Donor Recognition

  • Your name on the 2024 Chairs’ Challenge list at the AACEM/AAAEM Joint Retreat and online
  • Your pledge or donation counts towards your state’s goal to have 100% of chairs in your state participate in the challenge
  • Invitation to the Coffee & Networking session at SAEM24 – grab a coffee and pastry on us before a full day of education
  • Your name on the SAEM24 donor display and a special memento
  • Daily access to SAEM24’s VIP Lounge - if you make a 3-year commitment* at the $1,000 Mentor Level to become an Advocate Level in the SAEMF Annual Alliance

Invite Your Vice Chair to Join You In Giving through the Vice Chairs’ Challenge

Did you know that SAEM has a Vice Chairs interest group? It’s free to join for all SAEM members. SAEMF’s Vice Chairs’ Challenge will showcase the generous giving that comes from our vice chairs interest group each year and serve as a rallying call to unite vice chairs in support of more funding for future EM researchers and educators.

As a Chair, we hope you will invite your Vice Chairs to:

  • Learn more about the Vice Chairs’ Challenge here.
  • Sign up for the free SAEM Vice Chairs interest group (see SAEM Membership Guide).
Donate to the Challenge with a pledge or donation by August 31, 2024.

Gifts and/or pledges of $250 or more from Vice Chairs will count toward challenge totals. Thanks for your generosity!

 Blank Map for Chairs' Challenge


Here is the latest Chairs' Challenge donor list and map updates!