The SAEM Foundation, in partnership with SAEM, provides grants to national and international universities and medical schools to help fund innovative research and education initiatives in the field of emergency medicine. In order for a project to be eligible for funding, it must fit into the scope of one of the grant categories listed below, and must support the mission of SAEM and the SAEM Foundation. Check back for updates and open applications in the future.

Open Announcements

Closed Announcements

Applications for the following grants will open May 1, 2024 with a deadline of 5 p.m. CT on August 1, 2024:

Not all categories are offered every year.

SAEMF NIDA Mentor-Facilitated Training Award in Substance Use Disorders Science Dissemination – $12,000 - Deadline for next grant cycle will be in Fall 2024 (date TBA)

EMF-SAEMF Medical Student Research Grant - Maximum $5,000, up to four will be awarded - Deadline for next grant cycle will be in January 2025 (date TBA)

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