Hear From Supporters

I donate to the SAEM Foundation because giving to SAEM Foundation is a very tangible and effective way to support other academic emergency physicians. For me, and many other academic EPs, a grant from the SAEM Foundation was a pivotal element toward our long-term career success. It's important for me to give to SAEMF so that they can continue to provide these truly important grants.

Additionally, I give because I want to "put my money where my mouth is": I frequently advocate for the federal government and non-EM foundations to increase their support of EM research and education; it is only right that I should support it monetarily, too!

- Megan Ranney, MD, Research Committee Chair

During the 25 years I served as department chair at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center I had numerous faculty (including Jim Niemann, Roger Lewis, Wendy Coates, Marianne Gausche-Hill, Diane Birnbaumer and Amy Kaji) whose careers benefitted greatly from their involvement in SAEM. My annual donations to the SAEM Foundation are my thank you to the organization and my contribution to its future success.

- Robert S. Hockberger, MD, Past President

I got involved with SAEM because there was a strong emphasis on exploration and curiosity… I connected with a PhD researcher in the emergency department and did a number of research projects on a stroke model in rats… I presented the results at an SAEM Annual Meeting, even as a resident young investigator, and won a number of awards for those projects.  I’m trying to pay SAEM back for the networking and mentorship and fun that they provided me as I developed as a researcher. I really believe we have to support ourselves when we try to develop or enhance the development of new researchers. 

- Michelle Biros, MD, MS, FACEP