2024 SAEMF/ED Benchmarking Alliance Clinical Operations Research Grant - $50,000

"Artificial Intelligence Augmented Emergency Department Triage"

Emergency Departments (EDs) care for 136 million patients annually. Triage is essential for ED operations, but can also be a bottleneck that uses significant nursing resources. This project will develop, validate, and evaluate an Artificial Intelligence Chatbot Augmented Triage using new transformative models that can be fine-tunable and adaptable to many ED settings. We believe this project will have major impacts on the care of ED patients by eliminating the triage bottleneck, optimizing nursing resources, and potentially reducing delays in diagnosing time-critical medical conditions.

*This grant is made possible through a generous donation from the ED Benchmarking Alliance.


  • Samita M. Heslin, MD, MBA, MPH, MA, MS

    Stony Brook University

    "Artificial Intelligence Augmented Emergency Department Triage"

    Dr. Heslin is an assistant professor of emergency medicine at the Renaissance School of Medicine at Stony Brook University. After completion of her BA at Harvard University, she completed an MA at Harvard University, an MD, MBA, and MPH at Stony Brook University, and an MS in clinical informatics at Oregon Health & Science University. Dr. Heslin completed her emergency medicine residency at Stony Brook University, where she also served as chief resident. Dr. Heslin’s current research focuses on integrating emergency care operations and informatics. In her grant project, she will be developing an artificial intelligence-based solution to augment emergency department triage.