2023 SAEMF/Simulation Academy Novice Research Grant - $5,000

"Creating a Novel Simulation Based Palliative Care Curriculum for the EM Resident"

The relevance of this work comes down to the growing importance of palliative care skills in emergency medicine practice. The American population is aging, and greater than 75% of older adults are visiting our departments in their last six months of life. Additionally, with hospital crowding and staffing shortages patients are spending longer periods of time in our departments. Older, sicker patients spending more of their hospital course in our emergency departments inevitably leads to more goals of care conversations, more delivering bad news, and more managing of near-death patients. Being uncomfortable with these tasks often times leads to aggressive and invasive interventions, such as CPR and intubation, which may not have been in line with patients' goals and may lead to unnecessary suffering.


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    Hillary C. Moss, MD

    Montefiore Medical Center

    "Creating a Novel Simulation Based Palliative Care Curriculum for the EM Resident"

    Dr. Moss is currently an assistant professor of emergency medicine, assistant director of simulation education, and director of emergency medicine PA/NP education at Einstein College of Medicine and Montefiore Medical Center Moses Campus in the Bronx, NY. She completed her emergency medicine residency and simulation fellowship at the Zucker School of Medicine, North Shore Long Island Jewish Medical Center. Dr. Moss is passionate about all aspects of residency education and is particularly interested in increasing learner engagement in didactics. She is excited to spend the next year completing her project on palliative care simulation for emergency medicine residents.