2023 SAEMF Education Research Training Grant - $100,000

"The Evaluation of Learning Resources (EvaLeR) in Emergency Medicine"

This work will directly probe the validity of the continued prioritization of print textbooks as the superior learning resource in emergency medicine (EM) and determine whether such recommendations are evidence-based. The instrument we develop will help guide resource selection for EM trainees, curriculum development, and investment in digital learning resources. Our findings will help ensure that EM residents are directed toward the best learning resources so that they can provide high-quality care for patients.


  • PreiksaitisCarl2023

    Carl M. Preiksaitis, MD

    Stanford University

    "The Evaluation of Learning Resources (EvaLeR) in Emergency Medicine"

    Dr. Preiksaitis is a medical education fellow and clinical instructor in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Stanford University. He completed his medical training at New York University School of Medicine and a residency in emergency medicine at Stanford. His scholarly interests include digital media and medical education, reproductive health care in the emergency department, and heath care innovation. Dr. Preiksaitis is currently pursuing a master's degree in medical education at the University of Cincinnati. His grant project, the Evaluation of Learning Resources (EvaLeR) in Emergency Medicine will develop a new method to rigorously compare the quality of emergency medicine textbooks and digital learning resources. The results of this work will help to inform selection and development of learning materials for future emergency medicine education.