2023 SAEMF ARMED Med Ed Pilot Grant - $25,000

"Building on Leadership and Diversity in EM (BOLD-EM): Investigating Program Impact"

We have developed a structured month-long program to engage medical students from diverse backgrounds to explore emergency medicine (EM). The program, Building on Leadership and Diversity in Emergency Medicine (BOLD-EM), allows students between their first and second year of training to explore the field of EM and EM subspecialties. This program has the potential benefit of recruiting and training more EM physicians and to serve as a model for other EM training programs. This mentored research grant is designed to investigate the program’s impact using mixed methodology.


  • Jennifer L. Carey cropped

    Jennifer L. Carey, MD

    UMass Chan Medical School

    "Building on Leadership and Diversity in EM (BOLD-EM): Investigating Program Impact"

    Dr. Jennifer Carey is division director for undergraduate medical education and education fellowship director at UMass Chan Medical School. She is involved in developing educational curriculum for students at all levels in medical school and focuses on integrating topics in health equity into her teaching. She has been recognized locally and nationally for her commitment to education.