2022 SAEMF/AWAEM Research Grant - $5,000

“Investigation of Support Solutions for Women in Academic Medicine" 

Women in academic medicine do not experience academic success or receive promotion at the same rates as their male colleagues. The reasons for the “leaky pipe” phenomenon, that is the way in which women become an underrepresented minority in STEM fields, are many. Some solutions have been proposed to provide guidance for academic mentors and leadership, specifically mentorship and leadership programs targeted towards women. As an under-explored research topic, discovering strategies to support women in academic medicine is a necessity to ensure that women in academic medicine are successful and stay engaged in their careers and the promotion pipeline. Exploration of this topic has the potential to improve engagement and inclusivity of a work environment.


  • Nicole Battaglioli cropped

    Nicole Battaglioli, MD, MHPE

    Emory University School of Medicine

    “Investigation of Support Solutions for Women in Academic Medicine"