Member Highlight: Olivia Bailey, MD

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Member Highlight: Olivia Bailey, MD

Olivia Bailey, MD, Clerkship Director, Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine, University of Iowa

baileyoliviaOlivia Bailey, MD

Clerkship Director
Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine
University of Iowa

Fun Facts about Dr. Bailey
Undergrad: University of Iowa (Go Hawkeyes!)
Medical School: University of Chicago
Residency: University of Chicago
Interesting Tidbit:  Dr. Bailey was selected to participate in the Teaching Scholars Program at University of Iowa where faculty gain advanced skills in teaching and then convey that knowledge to their department

  1. What is your most memorable moment of teaching?
    It’s hard to name a “most” memorable moment but there are many small moments. Memorable to me are longitudinal relationships working with individuals starting as students, continuing through residency and again as colleagues. Teaching provides a platform for career mentorship beyond the initial clerkship.
  2. Who or what is your biggest influence?
    When I was a medical student and resident, I was fortunate to work under seasoned physicians who allowed autonomy in my care of patients (within reason). I enjoyed this opportunity to learn by doing. I try to carry this forward in my role as an educator now.
  3. Any advice for other clerkship directors?
    Organization and schedule coordination can be an extreme challenge. I am fortunate to have an excellent clerkship coordinator. I would encourage others to utilize resources available, especially on the administrative side of the job. Also, our field has many excellent resources (free and online). Students should be aware of the various podcasts and websites that they can use to suit their learning style.
  4. What is your favorite part about being and educator/director?
    It is energizing to work with spirited and enthusiastic students. The students are exceedingly compassionate and caring in their patient encounters. I also enjoy the interdisciplinary learning from educators in other departments at my hospital through a Teaching Scholars program available at University of Iowa. At the national level, the CORD conference is a great way to meet and engage with educators from other institutions as well.
  5. Any interesting factoids you would like to share?
    In Iowa we have incredible access to national politicians. One morning, after an overnight shift when I had just fallen asleep, my phone rang. Surprisingly, I heard it and answered only to find myself in a conversation with then candidate Obama. I think I somehow put a few almost coherent sentences together.