Dr. Peter Rosen Memorial Keynote

Event Information

Dr. Robert Neumar presented the SAEM24 Dr. Peter Rosen Memorial Keynote Address on May 15, 2024.


Emergency Medicine Research: Past, Present, and Future

Robert W. Neumar, MD, PhD

Emergency medicine has seen tremendous growth as a medical specialty over the past few decades, with research playing a crucial role in advancing knowledge and improving patient care. In his keynote address Dr. Neumar will reflect on how far the specialty has progressed, the current state of our research enterprise, and a vision for the future. He will emphasize that continued success demands an unwavering commitment from the entire specialty to fulfill our research mission, including investing in a sustainable and diverse pipeline of emergency medicine clinician-scientists. Dr. Neumar hopes to inspire and energize the next generation who will lead the evolution of emergency care by creating the new knowledge needed to continuously improve patient care and outcomes. 


Keynote Preview

Aalap Shah, MD, Medical University of South Carolina, interviews our Dr. Peter Rosen Memorial keynote speaker Robert W. Neumar, MD, PhD, University of Michigan Medical School.

Robert Neumar

Robert W. Neumar, MD, PhD

Member-at-Large / Professor and Chair of Emergency Medicine

University of Michigan Medical School

Robert Neumar, MD, PhD, serves as the Professor and Chair of Emergency Medicine at the University of Michigan. With over three decades of research experience in cardiac arrest resuscitation, he has been a mentor to a multitude of medical students, doctoral candidates, post-doctoral fellows, and NIH K-award recipients. A leading advocate for federally funded research in emergency care, Dr. Neumar was named the inaugural Co-Chair of the ACEP/SAEM Task Force on Emergency Care Research in 2007. This task force played a pivotal role in organizing the 2009 NIH Roundtables on Emergency Care Research, establishing the first-ever NIH K12 program dedicated to emergency care research in 2011, and founding the NIH Office of Emergency Care Research, also in 2011.

Previously, Dr. Neumar led the ACEP Research Committee, the Scientific Review Committee, and the Research Section. Currently, he co-chairs the Research Workgroup of the Association of Academic Chairs in Emergency Medicine (AACEM), spearheading the development of the 2030 Strategic Goals for Emergency Medicine Research. His contributions to the field have been recognized through numerous accolades, including the 2007 ACEP Award for Outstanding Contribution in Research, the 2020 SAEM John Marx Leadership Award, and his 2015 election to the prestigious National Academy of Medicine.

Peter Rosen, MD, a founding father of emergency medicine, passed away in 2019 and is widely recognized for his many contributions to academic emergency medicine. The Dr. Peter Rosen Memorial Keynote Address is intended to memorialize Dr. Rosen’s life and legacy in perpetuity and gratitude for helping craft the emergency medicine specialty into what it is today.

Held on the official opening day of the Annual Meeting, this opening keynote session is the largest gathering of the annual meeting, which in 2023 drew more than 3,800 attendees.