Sponsorship Opportunities

At SAEM24 we offer a multitude of ways to build your brand awareness and connect with emergency medicine leaders – outside of the booth! 

Our exclusive sponsorship opportunities can help you: 

  • Be first in the minds of attendees
  • Enhance your company’s visibility
  • Stand out from the competition
  • Drive traffic to your booth
  • Maximize your exhibit investment

Reserve Your Exhibit Space & Sponsorships

Maximize Your Presence at SAEM24

Onsite Family Room and Professional Childcare/Daycamp

At SAEM, we prioritize families by offering FREE onsite family-friendly amenities, including a fully equipped private family room thoughtfully equipped with essential items for both babies and parents, including a refrigerator, wipes, sanitizer, burp cloths, changing table, comfy chairs, water, and snacks. Additionally, we offer a professionally staffed, onsite childcare/day camp featuring age-appropriate arts, crafts, and engaging activities for children. Your sponsorship of these initiatives allows families to participate in SAEM's Annual Meeting with peace of mind, knowing their children are safe, engaged, and their needs are met. By supporting these services, you showcase your company's commitment to family well-being, leaving a positive impression on attendees and reinforcing your company’s dedication to a family-friendly environment. 

Meeting WiFi

Sponsoring the WiFi at SAEM24 ensures reliable connectivity for all attendees and provides your company with valuable opportunities for brand visibility and positive association. By personalizing the network with your chosen password, your brand gains significant visibility and leaves a lasting impression on the annual meeting participants. Sponsoring the WiFi not only showcases your company's commitment but also elevates your support for the foremost educational event in academic emergency medicine.

Satellite Symposia

By hosting 50-minute event symposia, your company can share the latest information, products, and services with an engaged audience of thought leaders and early adopters in the field of emergency medicine. These symposia, whether in the form of traditional lectures, roundtables, receptions, or networking events, allow you as a sponsor to showcase your expertise, innovations, and solutions directly to professionals actively seeking new knowledge and advancements. Aligning your brand with this reputable event and its attendees, can enhance your industry presence, establish valuable connections, and potentially drive business growth.

Industry-Sponsored Product Theatre

Hosting a 20-minute industry-sponsored product theatre in your SAEM24 exhibit booth is a unique opportunity to showcase your company’s products/services. It provides increased visibility, targeting specific audiences interested in your industry and positioning your company as an educational leader. The event creates networking opportunities, allowing face-to-face interactions with potential customers, fostering partnerships, and generating leads. 


Elevate your brand visibility by sponsoring the highly anticipated dodgeball event at SAEM24. By associating your brand with this fun and popular event, you'll make a memorable impression, engage attendees, and foster buzz-worthy PR for your brand.

Residency & Fellowship Fair

As a sponsor of the SAEM/RAMS Residency & Fellowship Fair you'll occupy a prime space, ensuring maximum exposure and engagement with hundreds of medical students and emergency medicine residents actively seeking residency or fellowship programs. Your company will not only bolster its brand presence but also actively contribute to the growth and development of the next generation of medical practitioners. 

Kick-Off Party: Name That Drink

Sponsoring the Kick-Off Party provides your company with a unique and powerful marketing opportunity. By branding the specialty drink with your company motto and featuring your logo on specialty glasses, your brand will be directly in the hands of all attendees. This high-visibility sponsorship not only enhances your company's visibility but also creates a memorable and immersive experience for the participants.  


As the original competition for emergency ultrasound, SonoGames® offers a unique platform for companies specializing in ultrasound technology and related medical equipment to connect with the most promising talents in the field. By sponsoring this event, your company gains access to an engaged audience passionate about advancing ultrasound skills and eager to explore innovative, cutting-edge products. By aligning your brand with SonoGames, you not only support the development of future leaders in emergency medicine but also establish your company as a key player in the field, ensuring maximum exposure and networking opportunities among a dedicated and influential audience.


SimWars, the premier national emergency medicine simulation competition, offers sponsors a unique platform to showcase cutting-edge medical technologies and solutions. Supporting this event aligns brands with experiential learning and positions them as champions of innovative medical education. Moreover, the event's focus on decision-making observation and interdisciplinary practice variations allows sponsors to demonstrate product efficacy and innovation. 

Exhibit Hall Networking Breakfast or Light Lunch 

By providing a quick bite in the SAEM24 Exhibit Hall, you create a conducive environment for productive networking and potential collaborations between attendees and exhibitors. Consider a specially curated menu to further enhance the attendee experience, leaving a memorable impression on the event's participants.

Charging Stations

Charging stations are essential for attendees, presenting a prime opportunity for your company's messaging. Integrating corporate or product information at these stations enables sponsors to engage a captive audience, leaving a lasting impression and strengthening brand recall. Addressing specific information security and integrity (ISI) needs in proximity ensures a tailored approach, demonstrating your commitment to meeting attendees' diverse requirements. This strategic sponsorship not only enhances your company's visibility but also maximizes its impact at the event, ensuring meaningful connections with event participants.

Relaxation Station

By sponsoring this rejuvenating space, companies will connect with attendees on a personal level, associating their brand with wellness and self-care. As attendees unwind, recharge, and enjoy complimentary massages in this relaxing spot, they are likely to appreciate and remember the sponsor's support. This thoughtful gesture will foster a favorable impression, leading to increased brand loyalty and recognition.

Benefits of Your Company's Sponsorship

Your support as a sponsor will be acknowledged through these exclusive benefits, ensuring prominent visibility and recognition for your company leading up to, during, and after SAEM24:

  • Prominent company-branded signage at registration and sponsored events
  • Inclusion in annual meeting marketing and publications
  • Company recognition on our SAEM24 website
  • Visibility on our official mobile app, including company information

Add-Ons to Increase Your Visibility

Increase your visibility and engagement at SAEM24 with these seven impactful options:

  • Mobile App Banner Ad ($2,500): Utilize technology to reach attendees directly through the SAEM Annual Meeting app. Your ad will be visible for 30+ days after the event, maximizing exposure among our tech-savvy audience.
  • Branded Promotional Items ($2,750 + production cost): Put your logo on high-quality items like pedometers, water bottles, USB drives, or note pads. These giveaways leave a lasting impression, extending your brand's reach far beyond the conference.
  • Customized Branding Solutions (Starting at $2,000): Tailor your visibility with options like hanging banners, aisle floor clings, sanitizer stations, and a help information desk. Create a bespoke package aligning perfectly with your marketing goals and enhancing your presence.
  • Exhibitor Bingo ($500/square): Foster attendee interaction by participating in Exhibitor Bingo. For $500 per square, attendees will visit your booth, increasing their chances to win prizes. Your organization's name, logo, and booth number will be highlighted, driving traffic, and amplifying your visibility. 
  • Custom Sponsorship (pricing varies): SAEM welcomes your ideas for a custom sponsorship designed to achieve your marketing goals and remain within your budget. Sponsors cover production, shipping, and labor. All creative ideas require SAEM approval.
  • Premium Booth Space Upgrade ($500): Elevate your presence at SAEM24 with an exclusive booth upgrade. Command attention with a larger, more spacious booth that ensures your company stands out among the crowd. Opt for a prime corner spot, amplifying your brand's visibility and attracting more foot traffic.
  • Lead Retrieval Services (Approx. $500 per unit): Equip your team with powerful tools to capture valuable attendee information efficiently and effortlessly, streamline follow-ups, and maximize your post-event ROI. (Contact us for current pricing.)
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