Exhibitor FAQs

How do I reserve my booth space for SAEM23?
You can reserve and pay for your booth for SAEM23 by visiting our online portal. General information about SAEM23 can be found on our event prospectus.
Are there sponsorship opportunities available at SAEM23?

Yes! There are multiple sponsorship opportunities available at SAEM23. Information can be found on our event prospectus and you can reserve and pay for your sponsorship by visiting our online portal. Please feel free to reach out to exhibitors@saem.org with any questions or if you need additional information on year-round sponsorship opportunities.

What does my exhibitor badge registration include?
Your exhibitor badge credential allows you access to the trade show hall only.  If you wish to attend any of the conference sessions or other paid events a regular conference badge registration (at additional cost) will be required in addition to your exhibitor badge.
How do I order extra services (decor, shipping, electric, shipping etc.)?

GES is our official show decorator.  You can visit our Exhibitor Kit for additional information and pricing on the products and services they offer to SAEM23 exhibitors.

What if I need more badges than is included in my booth package?
Each booth package includes an allotment of badges.  The number of badges in the allotment is determined by the level (Gold, Silver, or Bronze) that was purchased.  

Gold Level  4 Badges
Silver Level 3 Badges
Bronze Level 2 Badges

Additional booth staff badges can be purchased for $75 each.  Registration opens in early December 2022.