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SAEM Groups

Academies provide a venue for SAEM members with a specialized area of expertise to collaborate on ways to advance their respective subspecialties and emergency medicine as a whole. Many of SAEM’s academies are nationally and internationally recognized for their contributions to the field and maintain a strong voice in their communities. By joining an academy, members are able to participate in discussions and projects that impact the present and future state of emergency care.

Interest groups provide a mechanism for members of the Society interested in a specific topic to meet and network in a relatively unstructured and informal fashion. By joining interest groups, members can broaden their knowledge of many specialized areas within emergency care and explore opportunities for collaboration.

While the mission of the Society gives direction to its activities, it is the extensive and detailed work of its committees and task forces towards the fulfillment of its specific goals and objectives that advance the academic specialty. Members who demonstrate a strong commitment to improving academic emergency medicine and the Society are appointed to one-year terms. All SAEM members are encouraged to apply for appointment.

Project Proposal Form and Guidelines for SAEM subgroups - Word download