Virtual Mentoring Hour: Teaching Anti-Racism Through Simulation

Presentation Description

Continuing the popular Sim Academy Virtual Mentor hour series, we now bring you the August  "Virtual Mentor Hour."   Simulated cases related to racism and diversity must be carefully created with help from experts and with attention to systemic issues of racism.  It is expected that experiential learning related to race will be requested from many of us that teach with simulation.  Thus, there is a very timely and tangible need for collaborative content. 

The Simulation Academy in collaboration with ADIEM has gathered a panel of experts who are already doing work in this area and have experiences they are willing to share.  We look forward to hearing from this panel! 

  • Valerie Dobiesz, MD
  • Nur-Ain Nadir, MD
  • Anika Backster, MD
  • Oyin Okubanjo, MD
  • Jordana Haber, MD
  • Cassandra Bradby, MD
  • Michael Falk, MD