Chair's Commitment to DEI

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A diverse team is smarter, more likely to introduce new innovations, and has been shown to outperform homogeneous ones in businesses, organizations, as well as in academia. As Chairs, we pledge to embrace diversity and inclusion in our departments and develop policies that are inviting and are equitable in the recruitment of under-represented groups including URiM, female faculty, and trainees, as well as promote their retention.

Thank you to all the Chairs who have committed to setting at least one Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) related goal for your Department this year. If you have not yet committed, please join your peers and take action now by completing the Chairs Pledge.

Chair's Pledge

The Chairs of AACEM have pledged to one or more of the following goals for their department:

  • Create a DEI committee with a Director or Vice-Chair and prioritize funding for protected time and programming.
  • Develop a departmental DEI action plan to share with faculty and report on each year with intentionality around recruitment, retention, and advancement.
  • Create an intentional plan around recruitment, retention, and advancement of URiM and women faculty.
  • Perform a robust salary review, provide transparency to faculty, and take action as indicated.
  • Add DEI metrics to the departmental dashboard and share them with the group routinely
  • Review membership of departmental committees with decision-making.
  • Review your departmental website and assess for representative photos etc. and update as needed.
  • Review departmental vision/mission/values and include elements regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion.