AACEM Work Groups and Committees

One of the most valuable benefits of AACEM membership is the opportunity to participate on one or more work groups or committees. Serving on an AACEM work group or committee allows you to share your leadership experience, expand your professional network, and strengthen your ties within the specialty. What's more, work group and committee members are directly involved in identifying new opportunities, guiding projects, and offering their expertise. You will have a direct hand in helping AACEM achieve their goals and advance their mission. 

All AACEM members are encouraged to sign-up for an AACEM Work Group or Committee. If you are interested in participating, review the work group and committee descriptions below and complete the 2019-2020 AACEM Work Group/Committee Form. Sign-ups close on Friday, June 14, 2019!

Work Groups

The Library of Resources Work Group is responsible for increasing understanding of what is valuable to our members. The work group will review and update the usability and reliability of resources. They are also responsible for identifying ways to distribute available resources to AACEM members.

The Networking Work Group is responsible for increasing networking opportunities for members. The work group enhances orientation for new members and enhances collaborations with strategic organizations. The Networking Work Group increases networking opportunities for chairs and vice-chairs as well as new chairs.

The Professional Development Work Group will increase the number of women and underrepresented minorities (URM) participating in the Chair Development Program (CDP). The work group also enhances the topic selection for the retreat and other programs.


The Membership Committee is responsible for the annual review of AACEM’s membership policies and list of approved academic emergency medicine institutions.

The Nominating Committee is responsible for reviewing all nominees and recommending an official slate of nominees to the AACEM Executive Committee for approval.

Mission and Objectives

AACEM's mission "to support the academic chairs of emergency medicine in their roles as leaders, educators, and innovators in healthcare delivery." The objectives are developed by AACEM's Executive Committee and are part of AACEM's Five-Year Strategic Plan. If you are new to an AACEM, please review AACEM's Strategic Plan to become familiar with AACEM's goals and objectives.