Lesley Pepin

Hofstra North Shore - LIJ School of Medicine at Hofstra University

"Northeast Regional Emergency Medicine Interest Group Symposium"
SAEMF Emergency Medicine Medical Student Interest Group Grant


We plan to host an Emergency Medicine Interest Group Symposium in the spring of 2016 at the Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine at Hofstra University. The goal of this event is to provide medical students with an avenue to explore and expand on their interest in Emergency Medicine while simultaneously providing a valuable educational experience to all attendees. The event will be free to all medical students interested in attending. The focus of the symposium will be driven by a Clinical Pathological Conference (CPC) style case presented at the end of the one-day symposium. Both large and small group sessions will address clinical aspects of this case. The large group sessions will feature content experts leading interactive talks on EM medicine and the approach to clinical emergencies related to the CPC case. Small group sessions will feature a hands-on approach to essential exam skills generally overlooked in the undergraduate medical education such as ultrasound. The small group sessions will consist of 10 students led by an attending and resident EM physician. The final CPC case, led by Dr. Gino Farina, will allow students to use the knowledge gained throughout the day to address an ambiguous patient in a team based learning format. The symposium will conclude with an informal networking event featuring Residency Directors from surrounding Emergency Medical Residency Programs. Students can interact with and ask questions of these prestigious members of Emergency Medicine. 

Research Results

The Northeast Regional Emergency Medicine Interest Group Symposium was held February 28th, 2015 at Hofstra Northwell SOM at Hofstra University.  The focus of the symposium was the approach to critical care in the emergency department.  We had 119 students representing 10 medical schools and 1 nursing school.

The speakers included Dr. Lance Becker and Dr. Brian Wright.  Additionally, we had 10 other EM faculty members and 15 EM residents in attendance to assist with instructing the hands-on portion of the symposium.  We held hands-on ultrasound training for all students to practice lung imaging, FAST exam and venous doppler imaging.  The educational portion of the day wrapped up with Simulation Wars. Six schools competed in various scenarios using simulator patients while a panel of experts watched on to grade their clinical performance.  Our first Simulation Wars champion was the team from Hofstra Northwell SOM.

Finally the day concluded with a Residency Director Panel.  Seven residencies were represented and students were given the opportunity to ask questions regarding the application process, interviewing, and residency life.